Security Solutions

Managing risk and protecting your business.

When was your last security assessment?

Chances are, you and your business are at significant risk of being compromised. Without a full security assessment of your systems and network, you could already have been hacked and not even know it.


DNS Level Security

Gone are the days of mere reactive protection and remediation of security threats. Now we are able to proactively prevent your users from accidentally resolving known malicious addresses. This service allows us to protect your users inside and outside your network, and report against any and all DNS requests.

Managed Compliance

If your business requires a higher level of security as determined by any of the many security compliance standards, with our solution that proactively monitors and alerts based on HIPAA, PCI, and SOX compliance standards (and many more). This helps ensure that your organization remains compliant all year long, not just during your annual audit!

Antivirus and Malware Protection

All of our Managed IT Partners will receive some of the best antivirus and malware protection solutions on the market. We actively monitor and manage definition updates, neutralize threats, and report against repeat offenders that are putting your business at risk.

Multi-factor Authentication

These days, protecting your business with a standard username and password isn't enough. We offer best-in-class multi-factor authentication solutions that confirm that the people accessing your critical network and data resources are actually who they say they are.

How secure is your business?

Keeping your business safe from malware, viruses, and other malicious attacks is a continuous effort.  You need strong, trusted security solutions that keep your business protected from the most current technology threats.   PlumChoice partners with the best security solution providers in the industry to ensure that your users, systems and data are kept out of harm’s way.

"I have been consistently impressed with the level of knowledge, service and dedication provided. Whether the problem is simple or complex, common or obscure, I've had nothing but great experiences with the folks at PlumChoice."
- Evan Campbell, David Rio