Microsoft’s Sky Drive


Windows is now offering a free, cloud type, solution for day-to-day users of Windows 8 or anyone interested in using it. This is called Sky Drive. Sky drive is 7GB of free cloud storage from Microsoft that allows you to automatically sync your files across all your computers and access them from anywhere.

Sky Drive is available for download at, comes already installed with windows 8, and also can be downloaded as an app from the Google Play Store. This is a pretty simple program to use with a very
user friendly interface. Other than having to install Silverlight on the computer, the download and install is pretty straight forward.

To show you how easy is to log in to Sky Drive and upload a file, see the image below. Just an FYI, Sky Drive allows you to drag up to 200 files into the “Drag Files Here” area.

All that being said, check it out for yourself at
and see if this free and easy cloud based solution will work for your needs.


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