Real Protection or Real Trouble?


Many people have a hard time understanding all of the windows that pop up on a PC.  Windows sometimes appear so frequently, that it’s difficult to determine what the issue really is. How do you know if  a pop up window alerting you of an infection is actually real? The answer is not as simple as you’ would think…

Welcome to the world of the Rouge Antivirus or Fake AV.  A Rouge AV is a virus that looks like a real Antivirus program that tells you that your PC is infected. Often times, a prompt will appear asking for payment to remove the infections. These promts look very real so you must always be cautious.

Now, the question is, how can you tell the difference? The answer is, take the test. There is a Facebook site by the Malware Protection Center that will test your ability to distinguish between the real thing and a troubling infection. I took the test for myself and I was surprised to see how many Rouge AVs are actually out there and how realistic they look.

The symptoms of a Rouge AV/Fake AV can be anything from disappearing files to computers crashing. If in doubt about any program, call your IT support personnel for assistance.

By Julius Garcia

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