Windows 7 saved my FROZEN PROGRAM!

Windows Saved My Frozen Program

In Windows XP, if a program froze you waited it out. You just prayed that you had saved the data and then a headache would set in.

Things are a bit different with Windows 7.  A little known Windows 7 option does more to remedy the situation. It’s not perfect, but it does offer more hope to the stranded WIN 7 user.

When an application freezes on you in Windows 7, don’t punch your monitor and cry in the corner. Try these steps:

  • Click Start, > type RESMON in the search field
  • And click the RESMON.EXE link to launch the Resource Monitor.
  • Find your frozen process in the CPU pane (it should be highlighted in red), right-click it and select Analyze Wait Chain.
  • If you see at least two items in the list, then the lowest, at the end of the tree, is the one holding up your program.
  • Now what I do is, First save ALL work in other open applications (just in case you accidentally close them)
  • Check the box next to this process, click End Process

This process has worked several times for me, unfreezing my application and saving me hours of recreating or restoring data from back up.

I always recommend taking advantage of the auto-save or auto-recover options in any application. I know how you can get lost in your work and before you know it you are 2 hours deep without saving. If you get caught in this senario with a frozen application, remember the steps above and they might save your life! … OK, not your life but maybe your Life.docx.

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