Windows 8 Start Menu



Windows 8 brings tons of new features and exciting new looks, but one item many relied upon is missing. Once you upgrade to Windows 8 or purchase a new computer with it already installed, typically you will find yourself navigating to the start menu, but where is it?  Windows 8 does not come with the familiar start menu windows users are accustomed to. Instead, the start menu is a separate user interface that has its limitations, as well as its new features, including live tiles. One limitation is the lack of multi-tasking with multiple windows using the start menu screen.

There is an alternative to this and a fix. A program called Classic Shell has been around for a few years and offers a solution to this. Once installed, the program has only one function, bringing back the classic start menu as we all use and know today. The program is offered free through the website and and easy to install the results are immediate.

This program brings back the functionality we all love from the windows products, with an exciting new look and feel and with the best price tag, free.

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