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There is a new innovative app available free for download on the iPhone and Android markets that is a must have. The app is called Carat and it’s an app that does wonders in locating power consuming apps and saving battery power. This app had humble beginnings as a UC Berkeley research project, but since being released for free download, has become an extremely popular app.

Most people have apps on their phones that can consume power while not in use or like email, is  always connecting and downloading mail to your phone. Since these all consume power, its not surprising to find a phone or tablet with a low battery. Carat is innovative because it not only finds the applications causing the power drain, but also makes recommendations on application configuration for applications to use less power. Carat also has the capacity to locate glitchy and corrupt applications that are draining power. The application will also make recommendations about restarting apps to reduce power consumption. All of these options and the free price tag allow this app to claim its spot as one of the best apps of the year.


Carat Actions on iOS

The application is free and available for download in the Android and Apple markets.  The application can also be installed on tablets and other mobile devices using apple or android.

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