Microsoft’s “messenger” is switching to Skype



If you are a current user of Microsoft’s Messenger service, then you probably have already received an email from Microsoft regarding the cutover to Skype. In May of 2011, Microsoft acquired Skype for the low low price of $8.5 Billion. What does this mean for existing users and new users alike?

On March 15, 2013, Microsoft will be 86′ing their Messenger service and cutting over all the users to the Skype platform (except for mainland China where the messenger service will still be utilized). After this date, current users will have the ability to merge their messenger account with their new Skype account or you can just import your contacts and start from scratch. You will use the same ID to log in with Skype as you did with Messenger.

It is going to be a pretty painless cutover and the features that are now going to be present on the Skype platform, will be worth the hassle. If you have an questions or concerns on the information you read here, please contact us here at Everon at (888)244-1748.

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