Eliminate the need to re-key data: Transpose Excel data from rows to columns (or vice versa)


Suppose you’ve entered your data with multiple column headings running across one row. After working with the data for a while, you decide it may be best if you had the data running down one column in multiple rows. You’re probably thinking about how long it’s going to take you to re-key that data into those rows….right? Well don’t. There’s an easier way! Here’s how:

For this example, I started out with several names listed in multiples columns in the top row. I want to move them to Column B with one name per row.


Step 1: Start by selecting and copying the data range that needs to be moved.

Step 2: Click on a new location in your sheet.

Step 3: Right click in the above cell and click “Paste Special”.



Step 4: The Paste Special box will pop up. Click the “Transpose” box in the lower right corner. Then click OK.


Step 5: You should now see that data range listed in multiple rows.


Step 6: Now that you have your rows, you can delete your old data range.

Simple, huh? You can also do this the opposite way which is super convenient!

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