Find the RIGHT people on Twitter


You would literally have to live under a rock not to notice the impact that social media is having on the world. It’s a marketing revolution out there! Twitter, for some, is used mainly for entertainment. This is clear, as top “tweets” of the day are typically witty and make readers crack a smile. For example, “Did you ever realize that lol also looks like a small man drowning?” was one that I read and chuckled at today. But for many, Twitter also can be used for business. In fact, for many who know how to use it correctly, Twitter can be a very powerful sales and marketing vehicle.

If you’re using Twitter for business, your level of know-how and commitment may be high, or low — and there are a lot of you who fall somewhere in the middle. And people like you are most likely desperately searching for efficient ways to find the RIGHT people to follow on twitter. You’re in luck because I recently read a great article on just that: How To Find The Right People To Follow On Twitter

Not even quite at the finding-the-right-people level yet?

If you don’t really know how to use Twitter to benefit your business but really want to learn more about it, then you’re in luck. Twitter recently released their “Twitter 101 for Business Special” for people just like you. Click here to read up on it and learn more.


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