Taking Screenshots in Windows 8


Taking screenshots in previous versions of windows has always been a multistep process involving using a third party tool or pasting into MS Paint. New to Windows 8, a simple key stroke will generate the screenshot and create a folder labeled “Screenshots” in your photo library as well.

To take a screenshot, hold down the Windows key and press the PrtScrn (Print Screen) button. There will be no confirmation or dialog box showing that the screenshot was taken successfully.

Now just open Windows Explorer and either open your “Pictures” Library or navigate to your user folder and the open the “My Pictures” folder and the screenshots should be in there.

Screenshot (7)

Also if you do not like the default location of where the files are being automatically saved you can change the location of the folder by right clicking on the Screenshots folder, and selecting properties. Go to the Location tab, and simply select move and select your preferred folder location.

Screenshot (8)

Easy as that!

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