Unsure of an application on your PC? Should I remove it?


Working in IT, I can honestly say that I have had my fair share of assisting others in maintaining the health of their PC. While I can say that I am pretty good at identifying bloatware and other software that just really isn’t necessary, occasionally I come across things that I just don’t know what they are. One resource that I have grown to love is Should I Remove it? It’s community driven, full of helpful comments, and detailed instructions on how to remove all files associated with software.

Lets search for a commonly installed software that is found in many installers, The Ask.com Toolbar.


Search results are pretty straight forward. Let’s click the link to see what information they can provide.


The next page will provide you with a wealth of infomation about the Ask.com Toolbar. The upper right hand corner will show you the overall community rating of the software.


The next section will give you the various technical details about the software.


And most importantly the final section will show you how to remove it. Now you can always take the easy way and install the Should I Remove It? application to remove it, but where is the fun in that?



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