Why Warranties are Important to Your Business


It’s likely you’ve been asked if you would like an extended warranty during check out when buying your favorite electronics.  Maybe you say yes for the peace of mind or perhaps no to save a few bucks and chance it.  For your personal electronics, the impact tends to be fairly low if a device fails besides having to shell out money to replace it.

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, you should always have warranties in place on anything critical to the operation of your business:  servers, firewall, switches, VIP computers, etc.  Having a warranty means it can sometimes be repaired or replaced in under 24 hours at no cost to you though times vary by manufacture.  This helps ensure your business gets up and running quickly while minimizing unexpected costs.

Most hardware can be warrantied for 3-5 years after purchase.  If the manufacture will no longer provide warranty options, chances are it’s beyond this age range and time to consider replacement.  It’s much better to proactively replace aging equipment to control costs and minimize down time versus hardware failing and scrambling to get your business up and running at a great cost…both financially and emotionally!


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